A Family Tradition in Canada Since 1985.

About Us

We do not send out repairs.

All of our repair work is done on site, your jewellery never leaves the premises.

  • Current Average Repair Times:

5-7 Days

We also offer the fastest jewellery repair service in Kitchener, Waterloo:


As a family owned jewellery business we offer a personalized experienced unavailable at a franchised competitor.

Allow one of our goldsmiths and gemologists with over 30 years+ of expertise assist you with all of your jewellery related needs.

Four In-House Goldsmiths

All jewellery repair and custom work is done in-house.

By having in-house experts, we’re able to eliminate the middle-men.

This allows us to give you competitive prices while maintaining top-quality service.

MT Jewellers & Goldsmiths LTD.

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